Galileo’s project managers, sensor operators, geographers and scientists all have extensive experience in managing flight missions, acquiring and processing data, and developing algorithms and programs for the systematic identification of a wide variety of targets.

We have negotiated exclusive air support contracts for use of fixed-wing and rotary aircrafts. The pilots and sensor operator have flown many international missions in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and the Caribbean.

Our personnel excel at organizing and managing complex projects in challenging locations.  We also have the capability of deploying a fault-tolerant server with multi-terabyte storage to rapidly process large amounts of data and provide verifiable results during deployment.  With over a decade of experience in airborne hyperspectral imaging and proven performance in mapping and analysis across the globe, Galileo is confident our performance and product will exceed project requirements.


Scope Definition

  • Import customer shape files or digital  maps to determine scope of campaign and services
  • Calculate area of operation and flight parameters to optimize sensor detection vs budget goals
  • Rapid “what if” scenarios using automated flight profile and costing parameters tools
  • Data archive samples available for review in advance of mission to assess sensor utility for a particular application

Labor Options

  • Analytical mapping products
  • Informatics development
  • Scientific research


  • Firm Fixed Price contracting structure
  • Milestone-based payment
  • Mitigate customer risk and streamline overhead

Custom Sensor Configurations and Options

  • Higher resolution for fine area coverage
  • Lower resolution for wider area coverage
  • LIDAR, digital photo, color IR and multispectral
  • Ground truthing


  • Analytical mapping products
  • Informatics development
  • Scientific research


  • 100% milestone on-time delivery record to date
  • All-virtual delivery process via secure portal

Galileo personnel have years of field experience operating in rugged area environments, including South America, Europe, Asia and Africa conducting remote sensing missions under a variety of challenging conditions for commercial and government customers.   Our personnel and equipment are deployment ready, capable of conducting self-contained collection and analysis operations.