Hyperspectral Imaging

Airborne Hyperspectral Imaging

Galileo uses state-of-art AISA hyperspectral sensors which are second to none in delivering high spectral and spatial resolution data in the VNIR (400-1000 nm) and/or SWIR (1000-2500 nm) spectral range.

To accommodate a range of selectable targeting, the collection parameters are software programmable (pre-flight and in-flight), based upon the spectral/spatial resolution parameters sought by the operator to attain mission requirements.

The sensor are radiometrically calibrated to a NIST traceable radiance source.

The imaging system also consists of a high precision IMU/GPS unit and a ruggedized flight computer equipped with professional imaging software, thus all collected raw data can be rapidly collected and easily radiometrically and geometrically calibrated for further analysis.

Proprietary algorithms have been developed and proven by Galileo to facilitate data processing and analysis.  The result is a cost effective, end-to-end, airborne collection capability that acquires research grade spectral imaging data for use in military and commercial remote sensing programs.

Additional Equipment

  • In-House Calibration With Gooch and Housego Integrating Sphere to an NIST Traceable Standard
  • VNIR & SWIR Field Spectral Collection with ASD Spectrometers
  • Trimble Handheld GPS Computers
  • GPS Integrated Cameras for Geotagged Field Imagery
  • Calibrated ground reflectance tarps for placement on site


AISA Eagle Hyperspectral Imaging Sensor

The AISA Eagle is a high-performance hyperspectral imaging system operated by Galileo Group, providing a cost effective, end-to-end, airborne collection capability that acquires research grade spectral imaging data for use in military, environmental and commercial remote sensing programs.

The system has been used in a number of operational scenarios, domestically and abroad, where it has achieved solid success in detecting and discriminating low-observable targets.

The sensor operates across the VIS/NIR portion of the spectrum (400-1,000 nm), resolving spectral differences as fine as 2-5 nm. With around 1,000 pixels per scanning line, the system is able to image at sub-meter resolution.

AISA Eagle Specificationsclick to download


AISA Hawk Hyperspectral Imaging Sensor

Building upon the solid engineering design and proven system performance of the AISA series. Galileo Group provides imaging and collection services using the short-wave infrared (SWIR) hyperspectral imager known as AISA Hawk. The Hawk system may be utilized on a standalone basis, or as an add-on element with an AISA Eagle based system, extending the continuous spectral coverage range from 1000nm to 2500 nm. The key features of AISA Hawk are:

AISA HAWK Specifications: click to download
AISA DUAL Specifications: click to download

Close Range Hyperspectral Imaging

Galileo uses state-of-art Ahyperspectral sensors which are converted to close range use for biomedical and scientific research:

  • Proven record imaging over 500 human skin profiles without incident
  • Expanding applications for plant, agricultural and vegetative observables
  • Sub millimeter spatial resolution
  • Self contained spectrally pure lighting; Polarization filters and software agent QC control mechanisms
  • Large scale database storage and parameters search
  • Remote site collection, with automated online large scale data transmission to analysis center