Software & Database Development

Galileo Group’s physicists, engineers and remote sensing experts have expertise in hyperspectral target detection, and have developed unique, patented hyperspectral processing algorithms for target detection and band selection. These have been licensed and incorporated into the ENVI image processing software. Our company is a leader in advancing hyperspectral imaging processing methods and continues to perform research and solutions in this area.

  • Software and algorithm implementation and development for customized product delivery and visualization
  • From data acquisition to the generation of output products, format and platform adjusted
  • Fusion with external multi source data from ancillary raster data to external vector or empirical data
  • Galileo is the developer of the spectral characterization and detection software BandMax® implemented in ENVI/IDL (Exelis Visual Information Solutions, Inc.)
  • Programming language proficiencies
  • General programming: C/C++, Fortran, Java, Basic
  • Scientific programming: Matlab, IDL, Octave
  • Markup languages: HTML, CSS, LaTex, XML
  • In-house data database development: initial setup and adjustment of customized database
  • Hosting data incl. web-based customer access to data and products