Vegetative Mapping & Environmental Monitoring

Aquatic & Invasive Species Mapping
Seagrass Mapping
Oil Spill Mapping

The spectral response of vegetative materials is very unique. It varies depending on class/species/variety, environmental conditions, health status, composition, etc. Hyperspectral data of vegetation surfaces can be used for:

  • Small to large scale mapping of vegetation with a GSD ranging from 0.15m to 5m
  • Mapping of terrestrial, aquatic and/or submerged vegetation
  • (Multitemporal) monitoring of crops, target species, target traits
  • Change detection, environmental condition monitoring


Invasive Species Mapping
Aquatic Vegetation Mapping
Mangroves and wetland monitoring
Storm impact assessment
Pipeline and coastal asset monitoring

Salinity mapping
Red Tide and algal bloom mapping
Coral Reef and Seagrass mapping
Oil Spill mapping