About Us

Galileo Group was established in 1998 and is based in Melbourne, FL with a satellite office in Durham, NC.

Specializing in applied hyperspectral imaging technology, the company has achieved great success in commercial, environmental, industrial, biomedical, and military applications using customized hyperspectral imaging sensor systems and proprietary algorithms. Galileo Group has over 16 years of experience domestically and internationally conducting turn-key remote sensing, hyperspectral collection and analysis missions in North America, Europe, Africa, South America and Asia.  Our portfolio includes a strong mix of high end commercial, government and DoD related missions.  Some of our customers include the US State Department, US Air Force, DARPA, NASA, and state environmental and water management agencies.  Coupled with our extensive air operations management expertise, Galileo has developed automated post-processing and target analysis capabilities, and has been able to implement innovative large scale cost effective hyperspectral imaging and remote sensing services on an economical basis for many new users.

Our staff consists of remote sensing scientists with current field experience, custom algorithm development and recent publications in the area of Hyperspectral Imaging.

Technical capabilities include large scale data post-processing utilizing analyst and software correction of spectral radiometric, inertial and geo-spatial parameters; implementation of sensor correction models; development and use of targeting and detection algorithms with build of accompanying source code; conceptual development, build and licensing of BANDMAX software (now included in all ENVI packages, the primary spectral processing software package used by the industry); teraserver operating environment.

Additional technical expertise includes:

System engineering design and construction, spectral and spatial analysis, spectral and spatial modeling, and software engineering.


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