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Galileo Group Remote Sensing Services Offer Nearly Infinite Mapping Possibilities

Galileo is an advanced technology company specializing in applied hyperspectral imaging and remote sensing services, with over 20 years of experience supporting a variety of high end civil, military and commercial customers in environmental, forestry, agricultural, industrial and biomedical markets. Galileo Group offers a wide range of remote sensing and surveying services including hyperspectral imaging, LIDAR,  digital and thermal imaging with resulting data fusion between these systems to provide hybrid products in various GIS and digital mapping formats. Galileo has extensive experience in preparing and executing large scale national and international projects.

Portfolio Highlights

Space Shuttle Columbia Recovery
Large scale mineral and oil exploration projects
Hurricane Katrina/Rita Survey
Support to Middle East Operations

Large Scale Coastal Survey
Invasive and aquatic vegetation mapping
Oil Spill Mapping
Large scale wetlands and coral reef mapping

What is Hyperspectral Imagery:

Hyperspectral imaging is the simultaneous collection of several hundred digitized layers of discrete spectra of all the objects in a given scene within in a given wavelength range. The key advantage of hyperspectral is the ability to discriminate finer spectral differences between target substances using narrower and more frequent channels. This leads to more accurate classification and lower false alarm rates.
  • Collection and analysis of  many narrow, contiguous  spectral bands across a given range of the electromagnetic spectrum
  • Measurement of the proportion of solar or artificial light as reflected by all physical objects in a given scene
  • Hundreds of times more data than digital images or multispectral data
  • Layers of spectral response are compared, matched, filtered, highlighted against signature libraries and combinations
  • Search and detection algorithms are developed and applied to assist in pulling out specific phenomenon to derive maps of targets of interest
  • Many exploitation variants are possible, hence the power and potential of the technology


Galileo Group is the developer of the BANDMAX® hyperspectral targeting algorithm, available exclusively as part of the ENVI software package sold by EXELIS Visual Information Services.